Bug#415765: boinc-client left in a broken state after removing boinc-app-seti

Frank S. Thomas frank at thomas-alfeld.de
Thu Mar 29 22:15:18 CET 2007


On Wednesday 21 March 2007 20:28:02 Magnus Holmgren wrote:
> It seems that after boinc-app-seti is removed (and purged),
> boinc_client doesn't notice that the seti app is gone and goes
> berserk, rapidly downloading new workunits only to find that the
> processing fails, but not why. You can see the result here:
> http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/results.php?hostid=1312855

I've changed the prerm so that it stops boinc_client 
(through /etc/init.d/boinc-client stop) before the S at h application is 
removed. This seems to prevent boinc_client from downloading new work units 
but it does not make boinc_client to download the official SETI at home 
application. Instead it tries to download setiathome_enhanced which is the 
filename that is used by boinc-app-seti for the S at h application (the official 
application filename is something like setiathome_enhanced_512).

> I haven't figured out how to get things back to normal yet.
> Removal of boinc-app-seti should leave the data directory in a state
> that causes boinc_client to automatically re-download the SETI at home
> app.

I agree and I'll try to find out how this can be accomplished.

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