[boinc_dev] RFC: Include man pages from Debian into SVN repository?

Martin m_boincdev at ml1.co.uk
Thu Sep 27 22:42:04 UTC 2007

Frank S. Thomas wrote:
> to preview and to comment on them, so here they are:
> http://pkg-boinc.alioth.debian.org/manpages/boinc_client.1.html
> http://pkg-boinc.alioth.debian.org/manpages/boinc_cmd.1.html
> http://pkg-boinc.alioth.debian.org/manpages/boincmgr.1.html
> As I said in my previous mail, they are far away from being perfect, currently 
> they do not contain much more than what each application prints to stdout 
> when invoked with the --help options. I would like to extend them however

To my eye, they look exactly how a (terse) man page /should/ look like.
All the extra (verbose) detail is then left to an info page or a web link.

> with some of the information that is also present in the wiki pages 
> UnixClient, BoincCmd, and ManagerAdvanced.

The web link to the pretty and greater detail is good. Especially so if
those pages are lynx friendly?...

Having Boinc wrapped up as a proper Linux install package is a very
welcome improvement over the command-line installer. Giving a
'single-click' install is very important to get wider adoption!

Looks good,


Martin Lomas
m_boincdev ml1 co uk.ddSPAM.dd

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