[Bug 218465] Re: Strange statistics of BOINC Manager

shanen (Shannon Jacobs) shanen at yahoo.co.jp
Wed Apr 23 07:13:38 UTC 2008

Still incomplete? What more is needed?

Anyway, a couple of additional glitches I should have remembered to
report. The first one is on the edge of the statistics problem, but may
still be related to the implementation of the specific World Community
Grid project. That's a consistent slippage in the predicted completion
time on one Ubuntu machine. Essentially, it always underestimates how
long it will take by about 40%. The slippage is pretty consistent, and
doesn't seem to have any relation to what else is running, or if nothing
else has been loaded since booting. It seems clear that however BOINC is
benchmarking itself on this machine, it always gets it wrong.

The other glitch is highly widespread, and I can confirm that it affects
the BOINC Manager on Ubuntu, Windows (both XP and 2000) and whether the
client is running in English or Japanese. The problem is that the window
settings are usually lost. I would assume it is a feature, not a bug,
except that sometimes it does retain the settings. That's things like
the window size of BOINC Manager and the widths of the columns. However,
as far as I can recall, it always remembers the last selected tab

Strange statistics of BOINC Manager
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