Resignation as BOINC maintainer

Steffen Moeller steffen_moeller at
Thu Dec 25 17:33:51 UTC 2008

Dear Frank,
Frank S. Thomas wrote:
> In the next half year I won't have enough free time to properly maintain BOINC 
> and therefore hereby resign as BOINC maintainer.
then we have to thank you for your excellent work you have done on the packages. You
maintained the packages far longer than it took to become a Debian Developer :)

> Since I was the single 
> maintainer who prepared and uploaded new upstream releases I'm a bit concerned 
> who will take this position.

You have proven strong technical and communication skills, there are not too many who
could fill the gap you are leaving. I'll ask around.

> Are there people on this list who want to take 
> over my job or should I post a RFH/RFA?

With lenny frozen, we are granted some time to find someone. I'd go for RFA since I cannot
do much myself on these packages.

All the best, for Xmas and next year


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