Bug#504467: init script fails to shut down boinc if $BOINC_OPTS contains "--daemon"

Frank S. Thomas fst at debian.org
Sun Nov 16 09:01:01 UTC 2008

reassign 504467 boinc-client 6.2.14-2
severity 504467 normal

The boinc-client init script fails to shut down boinc if /var/run/boinc.pid 
does not contain the actual boinc pid. This can happen if boinc is started 
with the --daemon option. Since this option is not used in the default 
configuration of boinc-client, this bug is at most of severity "normal" and 
not release critical. An easy fix would be to add a warning to 
/etc/default/boinc-client to not use the --daemon option. More elegant would 
be of course if the init script would work with or without this option.

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