Upstream describes Debian as server platform

Steffen Moeller steffen_moeller at
Sun Feb 1 17:40:27 UTC 2009

Frank S. Thomas wrote:
> On Sunday 01 February 2009 01:29:52 Steffen Moeller wrote:
>> Somewhere on that page they say that one should always run the very latest
>> version of the boinc server and not refer to any such thing like subversion
>> tags. Interesting.
> This was the single most important point why I refrained to add the boinc-
> server stuff to the master or experimental branch. Upstream has no single 
> point in their repository where both the client and the server are stable and 
> tested. For example, the server components of some tagged client versions may 
> be totally broken.
> To have a single .orig.tar.gz tarball to use for the client and the server 
> will probably require adding lots of patches from upstream's trunk to keep the 
> server in shape.

Right, this kind of indicates to have a permanent bug report assigned to the binary-server
package that forbids its migration to stable, or even into testing.  Wait, the bug would
prevent the whole of the boinc packages from migrating, not only the -server, right? Damn
it. Then we would need another server where to store the server package' binaries.

In your reply you are sadly omitting the answer to the git-question that drives me. I want
the patches that are done to the experimental branch to also appear when I compile the
boinc-server package. The two are in conflict at the moment because of differences in the
debian/patches/series file. But this conflict should never exist since boinc-server is
always an extension of debian/experimental, right? I have resolved the conflict. But that
merge would mean that the -server branch becomes the same as mighty as the experimental
branch has become, right? And from what you have just said, you would not want that to
happen. However, the diff between -server and -experimental would become just perfect
again. So I still think the merge is the right thing.

Many greetings and thanks in advance for clarifying these git bits for me. Btw, http://
pc02.inb.uni-luebeck .de: port 8080 /tah (for test at home) was just created with no more
than call to make_project, really. I now need to redo the server package on my laptop to
get the 64bit binaries, too :) I don't think that the provisioning of foreign
architecture's binaries is yet supported by Debian's package management, but for this case
of helping the boinc-server  we could probably make some use of it.


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