preliminary packaging work of 6.4.5

Rene Mayorga rmayorga at
Sun Feb 22 18:45:17 UTC 2009

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 04:30:27AM +0100, Thibaut VARÈNE wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 03:25:55PM +0100, Thibaut VARENE wrote:
>>> Left as an exercise for the courageous reader:
>>> - update debian/copyright
>> I was starting for dealing with this, have a look at debian/ 
>> experimental-6.4.5 branch
>> Your improves on this branch are really welcome, AFAICS you already  
>> did more work then me :) Cheers
> I'd rather do it the good old way, tarballs 'n patches. You're welcome  
> to commit my changes wherever/however you see fit though.
Ok, I will work today on this.

> I took a quick look at debian/changelog through the git web interface,  
> and I'm not sure I quite understand the purpose of  
> 005_disable_client_res.patch. If it's supposed to fix the build failure, 
> I think the better fix is to move the png icons where they were supposed 
> to be in the first place, as I do in rules...

Good, at this momment I just did a rush to the package to build, and
don't get on the details, I just stopped on debian/copyright and then I
was planning to move to all the others details, 
now that you already start with this the best is to just integreta the

> Also, I see you have disabled 101_check_RSA_returned_values.patch, but  
> if you actually look at the code, you'll see the patch is still needed, 
> which is why I updated it.

same as above :)

> Regarding making BOINC point to boinc in /usr/include, I don't think  
> it's a good idea: people should update their code to the proper  
> location. Helping them to not have to do so is not really helping them  
> in the long term, I believe. That's my 2c :) Plus, let's not forget we  
> have only 2 known users of this code: boinc-app-seti and boinc-app- 
> milkyway. I've already updated the latter ;)

I was planning to leave the symlink for a couple of release, but
definitely try to not push that symlink to squeeze.

> I see you've already updated debian/copyright, that's cool! 

Now there is the need to take a decision about some files:
as I pointed out on debian/TODO.Debian:

I did not check it yet, but client/app_stats_mac.cpp looks that can be
removed without a harm.

but api/textfont.[ch] and some other files looks more complex
I was checking on #131997 and at that time quoting the mail
on the bug was enough and that package is still on the archive with
the same note at debian/copyright, but in other hand there is #467123

> With little 
> luck, merging both our works we might end up with something worth 
> releasing :) The only remaining red flag I see is the new default quit 
> message of boincmgr.


> I'll try merging this in the next couple days, will keep you posted.  
> Also, please *do* CC-me on replies: I'm not (yet) subscribed to the  
> mailing list, I saw your reply through the web interface... :P

that is wear, I remember that you was CC-ed on the previous mail, hope
this one make it to your mailbox or I'll have to blame my MTA :)

I'll start merging your changes on git today, if I did not finish or if
there is any further changes you can just send patches and I'll happy
merge those on git :)

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