Resignation as BOINC maintainer

Frank S. Thomas fst at
Fri Jan 2 11:44:01 UTC 2009

On Thursday 25 December 2008 18:33:51 Steffen Moeller wrote:
> Frank S. Thomas wrote:
> > In the next half year I won't have enough free time to properly maintain
> > BOINC and therefore hereby resign as BOINC maintainer.
> then we have to thank you for your excellent work you have done on the
> packages. You maintained the packages far longer than it took to become a
> Debian Developer :)

> You have proven strong technical and communication skills, there are not
> too many who could fill the gap you are leaving. I'll ask around.

Thanks Steffen for your kind words. It has always been a pleasure working on 
BOINC and with the people who shared this pleasure with me. I learned a lot by 
maintaining BOINC and hope that my successor(s?) will have a similar 

> > Are there people on this list who want to take
> > over my job or should I post a RFH/RFA?
> With lenny frozen, we are granted some time to find someone. I'd go for RFA
> since I cannot do much myself on these packages.

Ok, then I file a RFA soon. I'll of course stay on this list to help the new 
maintainer on questions regarding the pkg-boinc infrastructure and technical 
details of the packaging.

Happy new year!

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