ITP MilkyWay

Thibaut VARENE varenet at
Tue Jan 20 22:29:56 UTC 2009

Hi guys and Happy New Year,

I've been in talks with the MillkyWay[0] guys recently, and they've
agreed to release the code under GPLv3. Release v0.11[1] is now
properly licensed, and thus I was considering packaging this cool app.

A few notes: it's still in alpha stage, though the team plans on
moving on to beta anytime soon. They seem very open to contributions
and improvements, and receptive to comments.

Now I wonder how to do this properly: in particular, should this
package be handled by the BOINC Maintainers or would you prefer I
handle it directly? I was planning on building my package based on the
current boinc-app-seti one...

Thoughts, comments?



Thibaut VARENE

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