git - how push changes to a branch (debian/topic/boinc-server)

Steffen Moeller steffen_moeller at
Thu Jan 29 15:21:25 UTC 2009


I was looking into the server package today and yesterday. It does not look so bad, actually.

What I am fighting with is git. I managed yesterday to do a change to the master branch
and push that one back to the servers. Now, how can I push something in the boinc-server
branch and make that one available to all?

I spent some time googling around, but the only thing I saw was to merge with the master.
This is not what I want, I presume. Can you help? It is a little change to debian/rules
and .gitignore, which actually could well make it to the master and all the other
branches, so a git merge boinc-server would make sense, but I would like to learn about
how to forwarding the change to you all while leaving the master intact.

If my problem is caused only by a missconception on my side about who git actually works,
then I would be more than happy to learn about that one. I promise to summarise on the
wiki page.

Many thanks


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