[Bug 311107] Re: Please merge boinc 6.4.5-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)

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Sat May 23 19:00:07 UTC 2009

This bug was fixed in the package boinc - 6.4.5-1ubuntu1

boinc (6.4.5-1ubuntu1) karmic; urgency=low

  * Merge from debian experimental (LP: #311107), remaining changes:
    - Bump build-depend on debhelper to install udev rules into
      /lib/udev/rules.d, add Breaks on udev to get correct version.
  * Provide meta package "boinc", which depends on boinc-client and
    boinc-manager (LP: #226612).
  * Add debian/patches/102_wxPanel_instead_wxControl_r17501.patch,
    picked from upstream trunk to fix FTBFS.

boinc (6.4.5-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream version
  * debian/patches:
    + 001_dont_install_ca-bundle.crt.patch refreshed
    + 002_remove_hardcoded_optimization.patch refreshed
    + 003_use_sensible-browser.patch
    + 004_exclude_sea.patch removed
    + 006_correct_catalog_path.patch added
  * debian/boinc-dev.install; upstream now calls `boinc' instead
    of `BOINC' the include/ dir
  * debian/boinc-dev.links; make BOINC point to boinc, this
    will save those who still point to the wrong PATH
  * debian/copyright:
    + Update upstream license from LGPL-2.1 to LGPL-3
    + update the file name on : api/textfont.[ch], client/stream.cpp,
    + update copyright years on html/inc/geoip.inc and correct license
    + add copyright and license info for samples/glut/Roman.stroke,
      client/install-sh, samples/glut/win32_util.c,
      samples/glut/win32_x11.[ch], samples/glut/stroke.h,
      samples/glut/glut.h, samples/jpeglib/*
  * debian/rules:
    + don't install .mo files manually
    + correct .mo files perms
    + copy sea/*png file to clientgui/res and remove they on clean target
    + download export-boinc from git instead svn,
      use an ugly wget since git is not able to it by itself
    + delete empty locale dirs
  * debian/boinc-manager.install: usr/share/locale/* files added
  * debian/control, set standards-version to 3.8.1 ( no changes needed )

 -- Daniel Hahler <ubuntu at thequod.de>   Sat, 23 May 2009 20:05:16 +0200

** Changed in: boinc (Ubuntu)
       Status: Triaged => Fix Released

Please merge boinc 6.4.5-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)
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