Bug#557871: [boinc-client] Isn't able to use suitable Nvidia GPU for calculations

Mika Rastas mika.rastas at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 21:43:27 UTC 2009

Package: boinc-client
Version: 6.10.17+dfsg-1
Severity: normal

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I started working on using the GPU for boinc projects and found out that
it didn't work. After some searching I found out that it is because the
client is getting loaded too early. Client only checks for suitable GPUs
when it starts. Then I tried to restart it and found out that the user
boinc needs to be in group video atleast for nvidia cuda to work.

This thread speaks of the same problem.

Now it crunches numbers just nicely as I've changed the startup scripts
links to S32boinc-client ordering them later than the nvidia driver.

--- System information. ---
Architecture: amd64
Kernel:       Linux 2.6.31-1-amd64

Debian Release: squeeze/sid
  500 unstable        http.us.debian.org 
  500 unstable        ftp.sunet.se 
  500 unstable        ftp.funet.fi 
  500 unstable        ftp.fi.debian.org 
  500 testing         http.us.debian.org 
  500 testing         ftp.fi.debian.org 

--- Package information. ---
Depends                 (Version) | Installed
libc6                  (>= 2.2.5) | 2.10.2-1
libcurl3            (>= 7.16.2-1) | 7.19.7-1
libgcc1              (>= 1:4.1.1) | 1:4.4.2-3
libssl0.9.8         (>= 0.9.8f-5) | 0.9.8k-6
libstdc++6             (>= 4.1.1) | 4.4.2-3
zlib1g               (>= 1:1.1.4) | 1:
debconf                 (>= 0.5)  | 1.5.28
 OR debconf-2.0                   | 
python                   (>= 2.3) | 2.5.4-2
adduser                           | 3.111
lsb-base               (>= 3.0-6) | 3.2-23
ca-certificates                   | 20090814

Recommends      (Version) | Installed
schedtool                 | 1.3.0-1

Suggests            (Version) | Installed
boinc-app-seti                | 
boinc-manager                 | 6.10.17+dfsg-1
 OR kboincspy                 | 

--- Output from package bug script ---
-- Contents of /etc/default/boinc-client:
# This file is /etc/default/boinc-client, it is a configuration file for the
# /etc/init.d/boinc-client init script.

# Set this to 1 to enable and to 0 to disable the init script.

# Set this to 1 to enable advanced scheduling of the BOINC core client and
# all its sub-processes (reduces the impact of BOINC on the system's
# performance).

# The BOINC core client will be started with the permissions of this user.

# This is the data directory of the BOINC core client.

# This is the location of the BOINC core client, that the init script uses.
# If you do not want to use the client program provided by the boinc-client
# package, you can specify here an alternative client program.

# Here you can specify additional options to pass to the BOINC core client.
# Type 'boinc --help' or 'man boinc' for a full summary of allowed options.

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