Bug#557871: Nvidia GPU usage

René Mayorga rmayorga at debian.org
Thu Nov 26 07:58:29 UTC 2009

Hi Skip,

Thanks for your concern on this and for your suggestions

On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 11:23:04AM -0600, Skip Guenter wrote:
> However this change of S20 to S32 does seem to resolve the startup
> problem in Ubuntu/Xubuntu about 96% of the time.  Occasionally, for
> reasons unknown, boinc-client still gets started before the xorg.conf

This is not a good approach, since boinc-client does not required xorg to work.

> start()
> {
>   log_begin_msg "Starting $DESC: $NAME"
>   if is_running; then
>     log_progress_msg "already running"
>   else
>     nvclock -F auto -f
>     sleep 1
>     start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --background --pidfile $PIDFILE \
>       --make-pidfile --user $BOINC_USER --chuid $BOINC_USER \
>       --chdir $BOINC_DIR --exec $BOINC_CLIENT -- $BOINC_OPTS

Same here, added nvclock as a dependency is not a good idea.

The only idea that just comes to my mind is to use debconf to adjust the init
script and etc/default/boinc-client  doing the required actions if the user 
decide it, all this changes does not need to go on the default installation 
since we do not provide CUDA support for obvious reasons(non-DFSG).

I'm still not tested CUDA support, but I can try to figure out a solution for
this because a lot of users are asking about this.

If you are on the move you can also provide a patch to README.Debian explaining
all this and I can add it on the next upload, this could be a short-term

René Mayorga
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