Ain't it time to place a more "fresh" version of BOINC into the reps?

Алексей Щербина asherbina at
Wed Oct 21 14:48:02 UTC 2009


Guess it's far from being a first  such question, but me and many other
participants of distributed computing projects from Russia wondering, why
there is such an old version(s) of BOINC core client and BOINC manager in
Debian's repository? Sure it can work normally in most cases, but there's
one aspect - CUDA computing and BOINC projects.

As it is well known for DC projects volunteers, such an old version of
BOINC like 6.4.5 can't work at all or can't work normally in modern BOINC
projects that using GPUs for data processing - there is needed at least
6.5.x version, and later is better.

So the question (and probably even the request, desire...) is why not to
include in Debian repository newer versions of BOINC software? For example,
recommended and well tested by BOINC team and thу whole DC community
worldwide version 6.6.40 for "lenny"? Or since it's a new version for
Debian, may be more correct way will be to include this modern version of
BOINC into the repository for "squeeze"?

Please keep us informed about this question - when newer version will be
inclided, or if it not - then why. We, DC community, want to make a world
better by way of our participating in DC projects, and this new version of
BOINC client will help us (and DC projects founders) in this business.

Thank you for your attention!

With best wishes,

Aleksey Shcherbina,
Novosibirsk, Russia.

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