Git branch for Ubuntu Hardy backport

Daniel Hahler genml+pkg-boinc-devel at
Mon Jul 19 15:41:34 UTC 2010


>> I'm going to add a branch for the Hardy backport
> Go for it!.

Done, pushed as debian/backports/hardy and uploaded to

>> What do you think?
>> Is a separate backports branch for any of the older Debian releases
>> wanted/useful?
> I did never tried to backport boinc for older debian releases, but in this case
> to keep it with a nice look order, it might be a good idea to use backport/$foo
> as the for the branches.

As said, there are debian/backports/etch and debian/backports/sarge
already, but obviously out-of-date.

Probably the hardy backport can be used for Debian backports, too - it
requires debhelper v7 though (available in hardy-backports).



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