Bug#588976: boinc-client: Enable ATI Stream Support

René Mayorga rmayorga at debian.org
Sat Jul 24 19:42:17 UTC 2010

Hi Achim, and thanks for your bug report

On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 12:30:23AM +0200, Achim Schaefer wrote:
> Package: boinc-client
> Version: 6.10.17+dfsg-3
> the non-free fglrx driver comes with all libs to enable ATI Stream.
> I tried the executable from the boinc web site, which found the GPU immidiately.
> Please provide a version with ATI Steam support.

A new version is available in unstable and it should hit testing in a few days,
please try this version.

BTW, we are not removing any ATI suppport from 6.10.17 and 6.10.58, I guest that
you might only need to put your non-free ATI's libs in the correct $PATH.

Sadly, I do not have any ATI GPU to test this, so your help is appreciated here.



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