Bug#588976: boinc-client: Enable ATI Stream Support

Achim Schaefer achim_schaefer at gmx.de
Mon Jul 26 20:26:25 UTC 2010

On Saturday 24 July 2010 21:42:17 René Mayorga wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 12:30:23AM +0200, Achim Schaefer wrote:
> > Package: boinc-client
> > Version: 6.10.17+dfsg-3
> > 
> > the non-free fglrx driver comes with all libs to enable ATI Stream.
> > I tried the executable from the boinc web site, which found the GPU
> > immidiately.
> > 
> > Please provide a version with ATI Steam support.
> BTW, we are not removing any ATI suppport from 6.10.17 and 6.10.58, I guest
> that you might only need to put your non-free ATI's libs in the correct
> $PATH.
Yes I think I found the same-)

I asume the bigest issue here are the libs itself.
As far as I could see they connect to the X Server.
So when running as the user which is running the XServer they can easily 
connect. But as user boinc, they don't have access to X, and so they report an 
"error" situation, no amd gpu found.

If I'm right, this is something only amd could solve. ( Or we get a open 
source driver with support for ati stream or openCL.
But clearly no debian package issue.

So thanks for you help.


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