It appears BOINC w/ CUDA requires gdm to be running first.

Daniel Hahler genml+pkg-boinc-devel at
Tue Jul 27 14:15:16 UTC 2010

Hello Skip,

just for reference, I think it's this bug in Launchpad, where you've
posted a workaround yourself (using sleep):

However, BOINC should really work without any desktop manager, and maybe
"just" modprobe the required modules itself during initialization?


Am 20.07.2009 10:08, schrieb Skip Guenter:
> Hey ya'll,
> First a HUGE THANX for all the good stuff ya'll do!
> On to my problem...
> I recently installed an 8800GT card into each of two different machines.
> One my normal desktop (Ubuntu v8.10 64b) and another into a headless,
> diskless number cruncher (Dotsch/UX / Ubuntu v8.10).  There was little
> problem with Intrepid machine as I only had to create a link
> in /var/lib/boinc-client to to resolve an error message.
> The install on the Dotsch/UX machine was another thing.  I'm trying to
> work with the author of that distro on what I believe the problems are
> when the machine is running off of a served up NFS.  
> Anyway, to get around this I installed a HDD back into that machine and
> installed Jaunty on it (v9.04, 64b).  All went well with the same link
> needing to be added into /var/lib/boinc-client.  
> On BOTH machines I installed v6.4.5 deb package from 'getdeb' Intrepid
> 64b.
> On the 2nd (normally headless) machine I had the gdm NOT starting
> automatically via a rename of the "S30gdm" in rc2.d to "s30gdm". 
> I then noticed that BOINC was throwing errors saying "missing CUDA
> device".  I started the gdm back up and then restarted boinc-client.
> This resolved the error.  I then reset the gdm to auto start and
> rebooted the machine to make sure it would be OK on a restart.  It was
> not.  I again had the missing CUDA device message.  
> I looked at /etc/rc2.d and it appears to me that boinc-client is started
> at S20 and gdm is started at S30.  IF (that's a BIG IF) I understand
> correctly that means that boinc-client is already running by the time
> xsession/gdm is started.  I think this is a problem because I believe
> the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf contains things needed by the nvidia device
> driver which in turn is needed by BOINC to recognize the CUDA card.
> Is there a simple rename that I could do to resolve this locally?
> Something along the lines of:
> sudo mv /etc/rc2.d/S20boinc-client /etc/rc2.d/S32boinc-client
> I'm afraid there may be something else that would have to match an
> action like the above on another file but I don't know what it would be.
> I don't know how to report this as an official problem but still would
> appreciate anybody that could help with a local fix.  
> If somebody wants to point me to something on how to report the bug I'll
> try to fill out the forms. 
> Thanx in advance, Skip
> República de Tejas, Centro
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