[Bug 608058] Re: Boinc fails to start projects in Lucid

Daniel Hahler launchpad at thequod.de
Fri Jul 30 18:08:06 UTC 2010

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> When I first ran up the PC from cold this morning BOINC did not see
> any attached projects and so I rebooted (but still no attached
> projects, this is new). A second reboot and BOINC is again running
> fine.

So you've booted three times in a row?

When BOINC came up at ~7:05 this was your third attempt, correct?
And you've shutdown at ~9:20?

> The stdoutdae.txt file looks OK.

It's likely that the error which gets displayed in ~/.xsession-errors
prevents BOINC already from logging anything.

When this happens again, please do not reboot, but do the following:
% sudo -i
% cd /var/lib/boinc-client
% ls -lt | head

This should give you a list of the least recently changed files.
Please paste this, and inspect the least recently changed ones -
hopefully those are logfiles.

You could also try enabling apport (/etc/default/apport) and look for a
crash file in /var/crash.
Unfortunately, apport won't let you report this directly to Launchpad
(because the package is from a PPA), but this might be useful for
inspection nonetheless.

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Boinc fails to start projects in Lucid
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