Jarifa package

Daniel Lombraña González daniellg at unex.es
Thu Oct 14 08:02:25 UTC 2010

Dear all,

Thanks for all the feedback. Taking into account your point of view, I
will make the DEB package for Debian.  Thus, let me know from where I
should start to collaborate with you, firstly supporting the Jarifa
project, and when I have more experience, I'll help with more issues
of this group.

Best regards,


PS: Fernando, the e-mail list is dead, because I'm the only one who
posted something there, so as the news where also published in the
Jarifa blog and the BOINC planet (http://boinc.unex.es/planet), I
thought that everyone was getting the updates :)

On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 05:31, Fernando C. Estrada
<fcestrada at fcestrada.com> wrote:
> El mié, 13-10-2010 a las 14:46 +0200, Daniel Lombraña González escribió:
>> Dear all,
> Hi Daniel
>> Today I have finished an alpha version of what it should be the Jarifa
>> deb package. For those who do not know what is Jarifa, let's say it is
>> a web tool that allows an institution to manage hundreds to thousands
>> of BOINC computers from its facilities (imagine an University with its
>> faculties and laboratories). For more information, please check the
>> web page http://jarifa.unex.es of the project and its source code
>> (http://github.com/teleyinex/jarifa).
> I'm really glad to see you here, I'm interested in Jarifa but I had the
> impression that the development was finished, I'm subscribed at the
> Jarifa's development mailing list [1] but the list is dead.
>> The alpha package has to be tested (I have done it in Lenny and
>> Squeeze), but for sure my package has errors. Thus, I was wondering if
>> I should create a PPA in Launchpad, or ask for space in Debian
>> servers, so my package can be tested by a wider audience. Therefore,
>> let me ask you the following question: which is the best approach,
>> Launchpad or Debian servers?
> The best approach is to maintain the package in Debian with the Debian
> BOINC Maintainers, in this way will be very easy to include Jarifa in
> Ubuntu because will sync it eventually from Debian as René mentioned, so
> will be great if you join us in the team ;-)
> Regards,
> [1] http://groups.google.com/group/jarifa
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> Fernando C. Estrada
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