Bug#557757: Jarifa package

Fernando C. Estrada fcestrada at fcestrada.com
Thu Oct 14 15:59:31 UTC 2010

El jue, 14-10-2010 a las 11:32 +0200, Daniel Lombraña González escribió:
> Adjoining you can find the package that I have created. Let me know
> all the failures and bugs that I should fix.

Could you provide me the sources for the deb please? (dsc, orig.tar.gz
and debian.tar.gz).

Daniel: Are you subscribed in the list?, do you have an account in
Alioth [2]?

In the team we use Git [1] to maintain the packages, René what's needed
to have an instance for Jarifa? (for example: pkg-boinc/jarifa.git).


[1] git.debian.org
[2] alioth.debian.org
Fernando C. Estrada

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