debian boinc-server

Luis Cearra luisjc at
Tue Oct 19 12:19:20 UTC 2010


 I want install a boinc server as easy as possible.
Not easy the firs time, but the Nth time.
 I think a debian package can help, and a puppet's
module over debain package (with preseed?) can do it clean.

  I have see
            1. BOINC - Server Notes
     The current distribution of BOINC software in Debian only addresses
     the client. There is a preliminary package also for the boinc-server in
     the boinc-server branch of boinc's Git repository. Your help with this
     package is very much appreciated!
        BOINC/Server (última edición 2009-03-16 03:30:09 efectuada por localhost

 How could I help?

                    Luis Cearra

PD. I am working in ocr 'ocre'. That is why I want cpu's ... .

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