Using quilt for Jarifa

Daniel Lombraña González teleyinex at
Thu Oct 28 07:25:25 UTC 2010

Thanks a lot Fernando. I will send an e-mail to that list :)



On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 05:15, Fernando C. Estrada
<fcestrada at> wrote:
> Hi,
> El mié, 27-10-2010 a las 16:02 +0200, Daniel Lombraña González escribió:
>> I do not an answer in a few days, so I was wondering where I should
>> ask for help in this matter. Thanks a lot :)
> Daniel: I'm unable to help you but maybe in the mentors list someone
> give you a proper advice about this ;-)
>> > I'm wondering when I should use quilt and git-buildpackage to modify
>> > at least as possible the upstream version of Jarifa files. Let me
>> > explain. Jarifa has a SQL file that by default creates the DB in
>> > MySQL. Nevertheless, in the deb package this is managed by
>> > dbconfig-common, so I have to remove the instruction of creating the
>> > DB in the SQL file. Right now I have done this, by creating a new git
>> > repository and modify the source code by hand.
>> >
>> > After that, I kept reading about git-buildpackage and it seems that it
>> > should be more easy to maintain those differences between the upstream
>> > version and the deb one using patches. However, I don't know how I
>> > have to do this, as I have been trying it out, and as far as I have
>> > get is to create the debian/patches folder (using gbp-pq) with a patch
>> > that removes that instruction. However, when building the package
>> > using git-buildpackage in the master branch (not in
>> > patch-queue/master) the resulting package does not have applied the
>> > patch, which is wrong. Is it possible to apply automatically those
>> > patches when building the package? (FYI I have tried the 3.0 version,
>> > and I don't get it working either, probably because I'm doing
>> > something wrong).
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> Fernando C. Estrada

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