Bonic and Nvidia GPU's

Christopher Baines cbaines8 at
Fri Dec 2 09:23:59 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-12-01 at 21:06 +0100, Daniel Hahler wrote:
> On 11/26/2011 09:17 PM, Christopher Baines wrote:
> > When I initially installed boinc, it didn?t detect my gpu (NVidia).
> >  I installed the lib32cudart4, libcuda1, libcuda1-ia32, libcudart4 
> > packages, added the line "<coproc_debug>1</coproc_debug>" to the
> > /etc/boinc-client/cc_config.xml file, added the boinc user to the 
> > video group and restarted the client, then it began working.
> > 
> > Is this a known issue? Something in the above got my gpu working, I
> > can work back through it and try to work out what, then update the
> > wiki if this would be of benefit?
> It would help if you could provide more information at the following
> bug report, or just post it here and we get it forwarded:
> Thanks,
> Daniel.

What information would be helpful, I can't seem to find any evidence of
the existence of the above packages in Ubuntu [1]? It looks like
Steffen's planned boinc-cuda package will resolve all the issues
mentioned in the report, that is if it can depend on the packages

As far as I can tell from the package contents search, the libcuda
libraries are available, but not the libcudart, I think the rt might
stand for real time? But apart from this, I don't know if this library
is used, or can be used in boinc applications? 



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