[Bug 410809] Re: Please include libcudart.so in the boinc package (non-free/multiverse?)

Steffen Möller steffen_moeller at gmx.de
Tue Dec 6 01:44:19 UTC 2011


On 12/05/2011 09:07 PM, Daniel Hahler wrote:
> The dependencies are not satisfied in Ubuntu (different packages for the
> binary drivers).
> See https://bugs.launchpad.net/608917 for the request to get Provides
> for the nvidia ones.
That ones says not to be existing. Could you please just edit it? I do not
have the hardware.

> "fglrx-driver" gets provided by "fglrx" in Ubuntu,
I'll make it fglrx-driver|fglrx then. It is the same as for older versions of Debian.

> but amd-libopencl1 is not found. What would be required here?
This rather recent, I think. An alternative would be amd-app,
which is not in the distribution by provided in the forums.

> Package: boinc-amd-opencl                                                                                    
> Depends: ${misc:Depends}, boinc, fglrx-driver, amd-libopencl1
> For the moment I could imagine to use nvidia-current/nvidia-current-
> updates for the nvidia dependencies
Sounds good. Does Debian have the same one? Just go for it, please.

> and maybe just "fglrx" for boinc-
> amd-opencl,
That is not sufficient. fglrx is just the 3D driver. For OpenCL you need more.
Leave the AMD side to me. I can test that one.

> but in the long run there should not be a delta between
> Ubuntu and Debian just because of this.

The problem is more between versions of the distro, I presume.

Have many thanks!!


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