Bug#648092: boinc-client: Consistent segfaulting for ClimatePrediction

Steffen Möller steffen_moeller at gmx.de
Wed Nov 9 20:07:21 UTC 2011

Upstream has just fixed the issue, so the news I got a few days ago.

There is yet nothing new on http://boinc.berkeley.edu/download_all.php
that I could work on.And I just checked, there is no newer tag

I don't know if it is any better, but try installing
apt-get install boinc-client=6.10.58+dfsg-4
from stable. My hunch is that the issues are because of the
optimisations in the memcpy of the libc in Debian and Ubuntu?
that do not like overlapping regions and .. well .. the BOINC
code has seen only recently some fixes on the issue. It would
be interesting to know if the older versions were any better on this.
Would be surprised if so, have not checked.

Think positive: we are helping upstream to get some part of the
code right. I'll immediately update the package once the new
tag is out.



On 11/08/2011 11:04 PM, Gordon Haverland wrote:
> Package: boinc-client
> Version: 6.13.10+dfsg-1
> Severity: normal
> Hello Maintainer,
> I have seen that some people are getting segfaults with boinc-client.
> I don't know my particular situation is manifesting the same bug.
> I run SETI and ClimatePrediction.  The last couple of days, my BOINC
> clients died during the night, which made me look up bugreports.
> Earlier today I told the boinc manager to Update ClimatePrediction.
> Since then, all BOINC jobs die within a minute or so of starting
> boinc-client (in /etc/init.d).

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