Bug#644832: boinc-client: WUs crash with stack overflow almost every night

Steffen Möller steffen_moeller at gmx.de
Sun Oct 9 15:21:25 UTC 2011

Dear Ove,

you have done some nice work of bug hunting already. My suggestion is to start with the IO load hypothesis and switch (in total)
to a project with considerably lower demands here. You may have seen an earlier thread on reports of iostat (in package sysstat)
for various projects. My suggestion would be to run einstein at home for a week or two and see if your problems are still manifesting
themselves. That has only a tenth of the IO demands of say FightAids at Home on my machine. Then switch back to a particular WCG
project with lower IO demands, say FAAH, and then switch from there to the Climate prediction.

We cannot solve that problem of yours this way, but we can constrain the culprit a bit more and help the bug report. For
Milyway at Home we have the source code with Debian. Einstein at Home is also Open Source. If the error also happens with Einstein at Home,
then to run the local compilation of Milkyway at Home with Debian seems like the next thing to try. But for the moment I do not think
this is what we will see, thinking something to be straing with the WCG client. Just a hunch.

Many greetings


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