Moussa Makoukou Kalilou : Did you get my invite ?

Moussa Makoukou Kalilou viadeonews at
Fri Sep 23 11:10:23 UTC 2011

									viadeo  Hello,  On Tuesday 13 September 2011, I invited you to become part of my network of contacts on Viadeo.   Kind regards,Moussa Makoukou Kalilou   Accept the invitation from Moussa,Ep:bodycentered_,Ety:txtlink,En:,&utm_content=v1_210111&utm_campaign=Cn:2,Ce:B2C,Cp:MKG-acqui,&om_cmpid=vd-rapp-en
©viadeo 2011 |,Ep:boxbody,Ety:txtlink,En:,&utm_content=v2_071210&utm_campaign=Cn:1,Ce:B2C,Cp:MKG-acqui,&om_cmpid=vd-rapp-en
Message from Moussa Makoukou Kalilou,Ep:bodycentered_,Ety:txtlink,En:,&utm_content=v1_210111&utm_campaign=Cn:2,Ce:B2C,Cp:MKG-acqui,&om_cmpid=vd-rapp-en
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