Bug#636075: boinc io stats confirmed, this is not with the client, though

franckr franckr01 at online.de
Wed Sep 28 16:57:06 UTC 2011

Hi Steffen,

Thank for your following up and confirmation that intensive writing can occur with some applications.

Even if this is application related, I think boinc should offer to:
- control the application. Ex: max write allowed is x Mb/unit (would be a good solution)
- report the application activity. Ex: application wrote today x Mb, avg y Mb/s (not a solution, but allows to detect a problem)

Otherwise users have to blindly rely in application willingness to (1) inform if they make high disk IO (2) be bug free (one could imagine a bug leading to heavy IO)

I think it is like for ram/cpu usage: user allows his computer to be used, but with some ram/cpu limitation. In a similar way boinc should allow to set some disk IO limitation (especially write IO).

That's just my opinion. I am not sure how easy/time consuming it would be to implement this.
So feel free to close this bug if you think this is not a priority for other users. 

Kind regards and thanks again,

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