Bug#721298: boinc-client: Idle Detection Not Working Computer Always In Use

MestreLion linux at rodrigosilva.com
Sat Aug 31 08:27:33 UTC 2013

At 23:32 30/08/2013, you wrote:
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>Hi there,
>On 08/30/2013 05:59 AM, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
>> Hi Preston,
>> could you please try this global_prefs_override.xml file?
>I'm utilizing it now. I'm actually pretty impressed at how well the
>machine is still functioning even with all cores working on jobs. I
>can still browse the web, write this email, tail various logs, compiz
>effects still look nice, etc.

That's perhaps due to the VeryLow priority that boinc sets for its tasks.

Even when set to 100% CPU utilization on all cores, boinc jobs usually have
neglictible impact on overall system performance, as *any* other process that
requests CPU will, be it Firefox, compiz or tail, will take precedence over

The same cannot be said about GPU tasks: at least with my AMD HD 7770 using
proprietary fglrx driver, some tasks run fine (einstein at home, milkyway at home)
while others make the desktop very choppy (PrimeGrid, SETI). GPU memory can
also be an issue when trying to play games with boinc GPU in use.

So I've set CPU use to 100%, always, and GPU to "after computer is idle"
for 3 minutes. And the machine runs really smooth, even when watching
fullscreen HD videos or playing Minecraft and games from Steam.


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