[Bug 1250652] Re: Far too many dependencies for boinc-manager

MestreLion launchpad at rodrigosilva.com
Tue Dec 3 20:42:23 UTC 2013

@Ken: ordinary bugs are always fixed in source, so they only affect the
development, next-to-be release (currently Trusty). This particular bug
was already fixed in Saucy (13.10), because ia32-libs was dropped there.

Only critical bugs warrant an SRU to be backported to, say, Precise. And
this is not the case with this bug. Actually, this is not a bug at all,
since you can easily not pull boinc-client or ia32-libs by installing
boinc-manager with --no-install-recommends.

IMHO, this should be closed as "Fix Released" (since it is "fixed" from
Saucy onwards), or even "Invalid", since recommended packages  are

@LocutusOfBorg: libboinc7 does not depend on boinc-client, in any Ubuntu

I think the only real bug is that boincmgr (the executable, not the
package)  needs to be run in the boinc-client data dir (/var/lib/boinc-
client), and that dir does not exist if boinc-client was not installed.
Creating a dummy one at install time (via .dirs or postinst) is not so
simple: it requires boinc:boinc perms, a user/group that is only created
by boinc-client. Also I'm not sure what would happen if later someone
install boinc-client: 2 packages that both create (and thus "own") the
same dir and user? How would apt deal with it?

So the best solution would be for boincmgr source code not to depend on
datadir at all.  It could check its existence and, if not found, assume
a "clientless, remote-only" usage and act accordingly. This would be
outside the scope of *this* but, but it fits debian's

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  Far too many dependencies for boinc-manager

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