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Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at
Sun Feb 24 20:18:50 UTC 2013

Hi All, I didn't stop contributing on pkg-boinc side, just I'm doing some work on my own computer :)

After all I managed to make boinc-app-milkyway work, and the "updates frequencies" are soooooo long, so I think we can package it with not so many problems, now I'm packaging the trunk version (I cannot manage to build the tagged one, not with dpkg-builpackage neither with cmake only).

the problem was that git was ignoring the cmake cache directory, and I ran cmake in the git repository, so the cache was never left out the source tarball :(
Cloning from scratch and adding the debian directory worked flawless the first time ;)

The unstable branch is really stable, only few commits in each release, so we can ship it like we do for boinc-app-seti I think, easier to mantain :)
Other thing about seti at home, how do you feel about giving the binary file of
 astropulse too?
We can package it too, and giving seti at home beta apps too (just a little edit in the xml file and we can ship both of them).

Last thing, I'm not a power git user and I don't know much about github, but *I think* I managed to automatically sync berkeley's git and github by following this guide [1]

If things goes as I tend to think, github [2] will be automatically updated at each commit, and when a new tag will be pushed a new file will be automatically inserted in the repository.
So in this way "I think" we will find easier to use uscan for automatic detection of new releases.
One problem is left, how can we exclude what isn't open source from the tag?



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