New branches on git - not so secretive plot to directly use upstream's git repository

"Steffen Möller" steffen_moeller at
Thu Jan 3 01:14:45 UTC 2013


 much in line with my previous email to the list I have not pushed my local branches to the pkg-boinc git repository on alioth. This is what I did:

 * clone Berkeley's BOINC git repository, master branch only
 * rename master branch to 'upstream-master-direct'
 * branch from there to 'upstream-master-clean'
 * git rm all files that our export-boinc script would have excluded and commit
 * git branch clean_with_debian, leave it for now
 * create new orphan branch 'debian-folder-release' and copy the debian folder of our pkg-boinc/boinc.git master branch into it
 * branch from it 'debian-folder-HEAD'
 * change it to produce a working boinc-server-maker package again
 * git checkout clean_with_debian
 * git merge debian-folder-HEAD
 * git remote add alioth git+ssh://
 * git push --set-upstream alioth debian-folder-HEAD
 * and analogously the other four branches

 So, the pkg-boinc alioth repository now has the branches
 $ git branch -r --list alioth*
 alioth/clean_with_debian * new *
 alioth/debian-folder-HEAD * new *
 alioth/debian-folder-release * new *
 alioth/upstream-master-cleaned * new *
 alioth/upstream-master-direct * new *

 The branch master is the equivalent of the branch clean_with_debian, just with the prior working for the release upstream versions and the clean_with_debian with the very latest of upstream. The first is created from a tarfile as one blob, the second is a regular git clone and - incrementally updateable.

 For using those branches with an existing pkg-boinc/boinc.git checkout, one would perform the usual
 git checkout -b clean_with_debian origin/clean_with_debian
 git checkout -b debian-folder-HEAD origin/debian-folder-HEAD

 to perform an update of the BOINC upstream sources, it would be
 git remote add berkeley git://
 git checkout -b upstream-master-direct berkeley/master
 git checkout -b upstream-master-cleaned alioth/upstream-master-cleaned
 git merge upstream-master-direct
 git checkout clean_with_debian
 git merge upstream-master-cleaned
 # perform changes on debian/*
 git stash
 git checkout debian-folder-HEAD
 git stash pop
 git commit -m "description" -a
 # pushes to alioth of what has been changed

 I personally feel that this is a good leap forward to smoothen our interaction with about everyone else. 

 Concerning Gianfranco's concern about his PPA builds demanding the branch from which to build featuring the name "master", I think it is just fine. to branch from upstream-master-direct/clean with a branch called master and merge debian-folder-release to it. Changes done to the debian-folder-release branch will just be merged to debian-folder-HEAD.



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