[Bug 933354] Re: GPU not found with ATI Hdxxxx series cards

MestreLion launchpad at rodrigosilva.com
Sat Mar 2 16:35:58 UTC 2013

This bug is annoying, a true paper cut, and really bad for new users:

- Install boinc, open it, works fine, GPU detected, add a lot of GPU tasks, crunch happily
- After reboot, Manager (*if* you care to open it) shows error for all GPU-related tasks, "GPU not available"
- Exit Manager (selecting to exit tasks too, in attempt to re-try)
- Open Manager again... Manager does not work (client is down, and Manager does *not* auto-start it)
- Reboot. Manager works again, but GPU is still not found.
- Frustrated, new users purge boinc, not before giving negative feedback on Software Center

Problems and Workarounds:

- boinc starts too early in boot sequence, before GPU drivers (or X, or
DE) is active. Workaround is to restart the service after log in in each
boot. In terminal: sudo service boinc-client restart

- Manager can stop boinc (if user choose to exit tasks), but it cannot
start it (lame!). Terminal again:  sudo service boinc-client start

If any of the above is already fixed upstream, is there any chance to
backport the fixes to Precise? LocutusOfBorg is correct to say an LTS
will not upgrade to an unreleased version, but maybe these fixes can be
chery-picked and patched in ubuntu and warrant an SRU, something like

Also, how come the ppa version is 7.0.53 if the official upstream is
still 7.0.28?

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  GPU not found with ATI Hdxxxx series cards

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