[Bug 1140597] Re: "New version is available" notification should be disabled

Christian Beer djangofett at gmx.net
Sun Mar 10 13:01:41 UTC 2013


I think this bug (1140597) is really a timing issue at boot time. As
this seems to only affect ATI/AMD hardware I think that the drivers for
these cards either get loaded after boinc or they take too long to load
so they are not present when boinc tries to detect GPUs.

My first try to see if this is correct would be to insert a time delay
in the boinc init script and see if this helps. If boinc can
successfully find the GPU after the delay we need to find the script
that is loading the driver and instruct the boinc init script to load
after this.

If MestreLion would be so kind to try this out it would be great. You
just need to make some local changes to your init script and restart
your machine. If this is okay for you I will send you a line to add to
your init script.

@Gianfranco: does the boinc Ubuntu package use the same init script as
the Debian package? I only have a working Debian installation.


Am 10.03.2013 12:02, schrieb Gianfranco Costamagna:
> Hi MestreLion, I think this is the right place to discuss to.
> Unfortunately you script has a bad behaviour for people that DON'T
> have an usable GPU...
> I don't like to restart boinc to everybody just because the might
> suffer from bug #1140597
> What do you think about?
> My opinion is that there should a way for giving the right order to
> init scripts, but I don't know at the moment how to change the script
> right now...
> Gianfranco
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> Whatever mailing list you guys use to continue this discussion, sign me
> in! :)
> My C++ skills are a bit rusty, but I may be able to help, if not in
> programming, at least in discussing strategies, approaches and
> packaging.
> Also, I've created a script (wrapper for boincmgr) as a workaround for
> some of the annoying boinc bugs: not detecting a GPU at boot and not re-
> starting boinc client after shutting its tasks, so maybe it will be
> useful for you guys: https://github.com/MestreLion/scripts/blob/master
> /boinc-manager
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