[Bug 1140597] Re: "New version is available" notification should be disabled

MestreLion launchpad at rodrigosilva.com
Mon Mar 11 03:00:24 UTC 2013

Hi there Gianfranco! I'm glad to be onboard :)

Yes, my script was for personal use, for my particular use case, and definately not intended for a general audience. For starters, it uses gksudo, which I'm not sure it is availavle in every distro/DE. I wish XDG tools had a platform-independent command for a graphical sudo.

The script can, at best, give some insights on what a general solution could do. Also, it is important to notice that it tackles on 2 very distinct issues: A) boinc init not finding a GPU, and B) Manager not starting boinc if user previously "Exit (Ctrl+Q)" and chose to shut down tasks. He can shut down boinc client via Manager GUI, but no GUI way to (re-)start it.

Judging by the other emails I've received from this list, I guess you guys are focusing on the harder issue, (A). But (B) is also annoying, and I assume it is an easy fix on Manager itself.

Btw, how can Manager stop the boinc client and shut down tasks without asking for a password? Can a similar approach be used to re-start it?

As for (A), I remember reading somewhere (changelogs perhaps?) that the init script was already changed to "$all" or something, meaning it was already supposed to run only after all other scripts run. So maybe trying to find a better order is a dead-end approach, and we could consider either moving from SysV init to upstart, or perhaps even X startup.

Last but not least, neither (A) nor (B) issues are related to [Bug 1140597 "New version is available" notification should be disabled], so maybe we should change the email subject to whatever issue we focus on?


At 08:02 10/03/2013, you wrote:

>Hi MestreLion, I think this is the right place to discuss to.
>Unfortunately you script has a bad behaviour for people that DON'T have an usable GPU...
>I don't like to restart boinc to everybody just because the might suffer from bug #1140597
>What do you think about?
>My opinion is that there should a way for giving the right order to init scripts, but I don't know at the moment how to change the script right now...
>From: MestreLion <launchpad at rodrigosilva.com>; 
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>Subject: [Bug 1140597] Re: "New version is available" notification should be disabled 
>Sent: Sun, Mar 10, 2013 12:05:22 AM 
>Whatever mailing list you guys use to continue this discussion, sign me
>in! :)
>My C++ skills are a bit rusty, but I may be able to help, if not in
>programming, at least in discussing strategies, approaches and
>Also, I've created a script (wrapper for boincmgr) as a workaround for
>some of the annoying boinc bugs: not detecting a GPU at boot and not re-
>starting boinc client after shutting its tasks, so maybe it will be
>useful for you guys: <https://github.com/MestreLion/scripts/blob/master>https://github.com/MestreLion/scripts/blob/master
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