[Bug 1177433] Re: No usable GPUs (AMD) found

MestreLion launchpad at rodrigosilva.com
Sat May 18 00:51:32 UTC 2013

Whatever discussions you do about this subject, please add me too! I'm very interested in this bug, since I also have an ATI HD 7770, and I can help with tests.

Currently, boinc starts without any GPU, and I must restart the client once I log in so it detect my GPU. I do so in a wrapper script for boinc manager, but that is a workaround, not a solution. Also, something weird I noticed: using "sudo /etc/init.d/bloinc-client restart" always work, but "sudo service boinc-client restart" sometimes does NOT (it restarts service, but boinc still does not find GPU. Weren't both commands supposed to be the same thing? Why is there a difference?

Btw, the approach of LocusOfBorg of adding "lightdm" to init script sounded VERY promising. Did it work?

Please CC me in emails about this subject.

At 12:11 17/05/2013, LocutusOfBorg wrote:
>That was my meaning, could we please continue the conversation offline?
>I need to ask you to change something in boinc-client init script, I
>don't want to spare builders time for this kind of debugging, since this
>is just one line change!
>could you please send me a mail? (I have already sent you a mail from
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