Bug#736814: boinc-client recommends the removed ia32-libs

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Sun Jan 26 22:07:22 UTC 2014

Hi Adrian, thanks for your bug report.

Unfortunately this bug has already been fixed in the latest git on alioth.
Will be fixed in the next upload, but I cannot do it, since I'm a DM and for the introduction of the server packages this upload will need an action from a DD and go in the new queue (unfortunately).

I hope this bug will be fixed soon, since ia32 has been dropped long time ago


Il Domenica 26 Gennaio 2014 23:03, Adrian Bunk <bunk at stusta.de> ha scritto:
Package: boinc-client
>Version: 7.2.33+dfsg-1
>Severity: serious
>boinc-client recommends the removed package ia32-libs.
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