please check your packages against nvidia-cuda-toolkit 6.0 in experimental

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at
Sun Sep 28 16:34:55 UTC 2014

Hi Andreas,

>Il Domenica 28 Settembre 2014 3:34, Andreas Beckmann <anbe at> ha scritto:
>experimental has now nvidia-cuda-toolkit 6.0.

yes, we noticed it and I committed the change on git some days ago.

>Please test to build and run your packages against this new version.
>For the boing maintainers:

s/boing/boinc :)

>* the next upload of nvidia-graphics-drivers will provide libcuda-6.0-1
>and libcuda-6.5-1
>* the successor of libcudart6.0 will be libcudart6.5, maybe you can
>prepare support for both versions

I forgot cuda-6.0 and 6.5, I committed the changes in git right now, and I'll upload in a few days (maybe after this one reaches testing if nothing more comes out)


Many thanks for the reminder, it was *really* appreciated. ;)




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