Bug#806722: boinc: repack tarball using uscan's Files-Excluded

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Mon Dec 7 11:37:24 UTC 2015


>It might be easier to repack orig tarball using uscan's Files-Excluded field 
>[1] of the "debian/copyright" file. If you choose to use this method then 
>"repacksuffix=+dfsg" can be useful in "debian/watch".

I would like to implement this, however I tried and I failed with the uscan repack
(uscan got called, but it did't strip the files).

I'm not sure about what went wrong, I use files-excluded in other packages I maintain successfully.

However this package needs a lot of stuff stripped and some of the files are result of find -delete

I'm not sure uscan does this, and I'm not sure it does with telling me what and how it was removed, and I'm
not even sure it can repack as xz tarball.

I would like to stay with the custom script for now (get-orig-source.sh should be documented even in the policy),
and accept a patch if you can provide one :)


(and thanks)


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