Bug#806722: boinc: repack tarball using uscan's Files-Excluded

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Mon Dec 7 12:20:44 UTC 2015


>In some (simple) cases remove patterns like "*/*/*.bat" might work...

I'm not sure how it deals with files in different subdirectory levels

>It tells me not only what is removed but also which patterns match no files.
>Do you invoke "uscan" with "--verbose" argument? I have 'USCAN_VERBOSE="yes"' 
>in my "~/.devscripts"...

I usually use --debug, I honestly never tried --verbose

>Yes it can. Just pass "--repack" and "--compression xz" to "uscan". :)

sure, jut I think forcing it in my custom script leads to less errors, but
I agree with you that there is a nice replacement

>Fair enough, it is up to you after all... Clean-up from script makes sense if 
>you need to use "find" or change attributes on files...
>Files-Excluded good only for removing stuff...

actually upstream had this issue, some people committing from macosx were messing up
with files (each commit was adding a +x to the cpp and .h files)

they did a lot of work to .gitattributes, to fix line endings and files permissions
(there are upstream developers committing from windows, linux and mac, each introducing
a permissions issue or a line ending one).

I'm not sure if the permissions issues will be back one day or not, but for now I would try to leave
the custom script and then replace when I'm confident with upstream
(the move on github simplified a little bit the things I admit)

>I respectfully disagree. :)
>I prefer "get-orig-source" target in "debian/rules" which is documented by 
>policy, unlike "get-orig-source.sh" script). See
>    http://wiki.debian.org/onlyjob/get-orig-source

true, so I might just create a get-orig-source target that calls the script :)

anyway, I would appreciate the uscan features too if stable enough

>Sorry, no time for this unfortunately... :(

not a problem, I'll do my best to fix it!



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