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Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Wed Jul 22 12:11:41 UTC 2015

Hi *

I copy paste the irc conversation with some great people, who helped me enlighting the problem (actually related to webview, for the notices tab, who behaves more or less like a browser)

<LocutusOfBorg> if browser-plugin-libreoffice is installed, boinc spawns soffice.bin/oosplash processes, but strace seems to give me some wx/glib pointers, rather than a bug in boinc
<_rene_> LocutusOfBorg: no idea. I think there was a bug once saying something like "LO starts when iceweasel is started", but that wasn't really a big issue and afaicr not reproducible...
<_rene_> LocutusOfBorg: but as you said, the plugin is g one.. but why does boinc handle mozilla plugins? should I know or d I better not want to? :)
<LocutusOfBorg> I guess this is some wx/gtk initialization code
<smcv> gtk, in general, doesn't load mozilla plugins
<smcv> because why would it?
<smcv> I don't know anything about wx, but I would hope that it doesn't either
<smcv> but the strace logs you linked mention some sort of web view (presumably a more or less fully featured web browser wrapped in a Gtk widget)
<smcv> and *that* is something that might reasonably load mozilla plugins
<smcv> I would hope that it has APIs to tell it not to
<smcv> e.g. webkitgtk has http://webkitgtk.org/reference/webkitgtk/stable/WebKitWebSettings.html#WebKitWebSettings--enable-plugins
<smcv> I don't know what boinc does or why, but if its job does not include playing Flash and other misc embeddable plugins, it should configure its web view to not load those
<LocutusOfBorg> smcv, yes, it uses webview
<LocutusOfBorg> and it fetches the notices from the web in a tab
<LocutusOfBorg> and this might be flash videos indeed
<smcv> then it's essentially acting like a general-purpose web browser
<LocutusOfBorg> actually I thought this was done when the user was clicking on "notices", but I might be wrong
<LocutusOfBorg> it might be loaded at the startup and refreshed from time to time
<LocutusOfBorg> yes indeed
<smcv> I would hope that the part that displays notices has little or nothing to do with the part that runs as root
<LocutusOfBorg> smcv, so when people starts a browser soffice is spawned?
<LocutusOfBorg> I guess not
<LocutusOfBorg> smcv, yes, they are decoupled
<smcv> *shrug* _rene_ mentioned an unreproducible bug that had that effect
<LocutusOfBorg> you don't even need the manager to run the client
<LocutusOfBorg> _rene_, didn't mention the bug number :)
<LocutusOfBorg> that webview is detestable
<_rene_> I don't find that anymore
<_rene_> even did look in archived for moilla-openoffice.org ;)
<LocutusOfBorg> _rene_, moreover the package is gone, so I guess this is "fixed" some what
<smcv> if the webview is meant to be as capable as a general-purpose web browser, then yes, if somebody puts a .so file in ~/.mozilla/plugins, it will be executed by the process hosting the webview
<smcv> that's what general purpose web browsers do
<LocutusOfBorg> smcv, so I guess that process soffice is for handling the plugin?
<smcv> either they support plugins or they don't, you can't have it both ways
<LocutusOfBorg> yes, but why java and flash don't spawn new processes when the plugins are loaded?
<LocutusOfBorg> maybe they spawn and kill when they are needed
<smcv> because the code in their plugins is different?
<smcv> plugins are arbitrary native code
<LocutusOfBorg> smcv, exactly, so I wonder if libreoffice might behave differently
<smcv> if they want to spawn processes, they can spawn processes
<smcv> if they want to rm -fr /, they can do that
<LocutusOfBorg> I know that, I wonder if libreoffice is forced to do it, for some obscure reason to me
<smcv> speculating about implementation specifics of a plugin that has been removed from debian is unlikely to lead to enlightenment
<smcv> reading the relevant source code would probably be more informative
<smcv> or uninstalling the no-longer-supported plugin and walking away
<_rene_> nah, I'd actually believe direct initialization of this can be a LO plugin bug
<_rene_> that one was unmaintained since ever, basically
<_rene_> (and gone upstream now that's why it's not in sid anymore)
<smcv> you seemed to be implying that this was a security vuln in ... I don't even know what. something that Debian supports.
<smcv> but everything except the plugin itself seems to be working as intended
<_rene_> only fixes were buildfixes, system-wide plugin even was a problem, etc
<_rene_> Sun7Oracle only cared about the "click in the options to enable it (which does a ln -s in $HOMEs stuff) scenario



Il Mercoledì 22 Luglio 2015 12:45, Gianfranco Costamagna <costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it> ha scritto:
Hi Alessandro and Rene, I see that libreoffice browser plugin giving troubles, and the problem seems to be not in boinc but in some wx code or libreoffice plugin code.

I'm attaching a strace with and without that code.

I'm also not so worried because that package seems to have disappeared in unstable, so I guess for Stretch this bug won't be spot anymore.

However knowing what caused this might be useful.



Il Martedì 21 Luglio 2015 21:44, Alessandro Barbieri <ale.barbio at alice.it> ha scritto:
Hash: SHA256

Il 17/07/2015 15:34, Gianfranco Costamagna ha scritto:

Successeful reproduced on a virtual machine

you have to install browser-plugin-libreoffice

File opened by one of the processes:

Snapshot of files open in process 595 -
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/nsplugin 9 10
- -env:INIFILENAME=vnd.sun.star.pathname:/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/redi
   FD TYPE     DEVICE       SIZE       NODE NAME
    0  CHR        0xb                     5 /dev/pts/2
    1  REG      0x807          0     534157 /home/ale/.BOINC/stdoutgui.t
    2  REG      0x807       7490     534156 /home/ale/.BOINC/stderrgui.t
    3  REG      0x806      57362     798881
    4  REG      0x806       8192    1315177
    5  REG      0x807          4     524392 /home/ale/BOINC Manager-ale
    6  REG      0x806     346042    1320628
    7  REG      0x806     665493    1320627
    9 FIFO        0x8                 79200 pipe
  cwd  DIR      0x807      12288     524289 /home/ale
  mem  REG      0x806       8192    1315177
  mem  REG      0x806      14664    1185959
  mem  REG      0x806      31256     664412
  mem  REG      0x806      31368     655653
  mem  REG      0x806      31632    1188157
  mem  REG      0x806      31784    1188142
  mem  REG      0x806      43432     665244
  mem  REG      0x806      43592    1187078
  mem  REG      0x806      47712    1187077
  mem  REG      0x806      57362     798881
  mem  REG      0x806      64432     669526
  mem  REG      0x806      89104    1188484
  mem  REG      0x806      90096    1181345
  mem  REG      0x806     109144    1180020
  mem  REG      0x806     113496     928845
  mem  REG      0x806     133576     665855 /usr/lib/ure/lib/libstorelo.
  mem  REG      0x806     134160     661012 /usr/lib/ure/lib/libreglo.so
  mem  REG      0x806     137440    1188140
  mem  REG      0x806     140928    1182946
  mem  REG      0x806     141752    1179790
  mem  REG      0x806     143520     664158 /usr/lib/liblangtag.so.1.2.0
  mem  REG      0x806     273416     664407
  mem  REG      0x806     283744     669525 /usr/lib/ure/lib/libiolo.so
  mem  REG      0x806     336304     662030
  mem  REG      0x806     346042    1320628
  mem  REG      0x806     367568     669522
  mem  REG      0x806     448440    1180019
  mem  REG      0x806     614080     929194
  mem  REG      0x806     665493    1320627
  mem  REG      0x806    1008120     656784
  mem  REG      0x806    1042416     660857
  mem  REG      0x806    1051056    1188172
  mem  REG      0x806    1107040    1180615
  mem  REG      0x806    1465816     656701
  mem  REG      0x806    1546256     696461
  mem  REG      0x806    1613328     661399 /usr/lib/locale/locale-archi
  mem  REG      0x806    1648696     922419
  mem  REG      0x806    1729984    1188256
  mem  REG      0x806   23512848     696450
  rtd  DIR      0x806       4096          2 /
  txt  REG      0x806      89256     918817

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