Bug#800838: Makefile.am doesn't copy sv translation

Josef Andersson josef.andersson at fripost.org
Sun Oct 4 08:30:59 UTC 2015

Package: boinc*
Version: 7.6.6 and newer

Even though the translation to Swedish for boincmgr is complete since before version 7.4 (see boinc on transifex), the sv mo-file is nowhere to be found after installing.

Think I found the bug: Under folder locale in the source for the package, see file Makefile.am.
The locale dirs lists all langue dirs. For Swedish it's listed as sv_SE which was changed in boinc to sv a while ago. (see http://lists.ssl.berkeley.edu/pipermail/boinc_loc/2015-March/002435.html )
So Makefile.am wont ever copy it. It should be changed to sv, not sv_SE.

This bug was first reported downstream.


Vänligen / Best regards
Josef Andersson

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