Possible xhost error in boinc-client script

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Sun Jan 3 15:38:11 UTC 2016

Hi Preston!

>Whelp, my pull request reinstating and improving the XSS idle
>detection was accepted and merged upstream a few days ago:
>I don't know which point release it'll end up in, but the code is
>there now, along with a debug flag I added to the code for inclusion
>in the cc_config.xml file named "idle_detection_debug". An example
>configuration file:

will be there in the next 7.6.x release, I see the fix has cherry-picked from master into 7.6 branch

>The PR link also has my eventual discovery of a simple, programmatic
>way to handle running the appropriate xhost commands that addresses
>all of these concerns. As usual, perusal of the documentation is the
>best cure for ignorance. From "man 5 xsession":


>       Because the order in which the various scripts in
>/etc/X11/Xsession.d are executed is important, files to be added to
>this directory should have a well-formed name.  The following format
>is recommended:

>$ cat /etc/X11/Xsession.d/35x11-common_xhost-local
>$ cat /etc/X11/Xsession.d/36x11-common_xhost-boinc

do we really need two files?

This works for me. Logging in as other users --and logging out/back in
as my normal user-- shows the boinc user in the acl list when just
running "xhost".

>(Fedora and other distributions seem to have a similar setup in

>This gives boinc access to DISPLAYs as they come and go. My PR just
>polls the displays found in /tmp/.X11-unix/ periodically, so there's
>no need for bouncing the boinc client. And finally, since it polls
>periodically, boot order (for idle detection at least, can't speak for
>other issues) isn't a problem.

yes, no problem for this

I think I committed it right here


I'm really happy this old old problem seems to be finally fixed!
thanks a lot!!!
It is committed and I'll upload on debian/experimental shortly.


(unstable upload will be performed as soon as a new tarball is out, to avoid having too many patches on our packaging.
let me know if you want an unstable upload right now)


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