Possible xhost error in boinc-client script

AgentB boinc at u4ear.com
Fri Jan 8 20:55:09 UTC 2016

Hello Preston and Gianfranco

Thanks for working this issue. 

On 04/01/16 11:10, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
> Hi
>> I figured that the "35x11-common_xhost-local" file came from another
>> package (or is otherwise a base file with Debian). I just used it as
>> the baseline/template for a new "36x11-common_xhost-boinc" file that
>> permits access to the boinc user. Keeping the files separate is just a
>> useful way to make package separation easier.
>> And yeah, looks like the 35 file comes from x11-common:
>> I'm not sure if having the file be provided by two different packages
>> would lead to conflicts upon attempting to upgrade/install boinc or
>> not. Granted, the version that was pushed with boinc is identical to
>> what's in the x11-common package right now, so maybe there wouldn't be
>> any issues. In any case I think only the 36 file is needed in the
>> boinc package.
> nack, this was leading to an impossibility to install the client package :S
> I removed the 35 file and reuploaded on experimental :)

I was just about to say we only need the 36 file or we fight with
x11-common, and i know who wins! ;-)

I was going to suggest on 36

# Some boinc headers needed so if some poor admin stumbles across this
he knows where it came from...
# This file is sourced by Xsession(5), not executed. 
# If xhost (from x11-xserver-utils) is installed, use it to give access
# to the X server to any process from the same user on the local host.
# Unlike other uses of xhost, this is safe since the kernel can check
# the actual owner of the calling process.

if type xhost >/dev/null 2>&1; then
  id -u $BOINC_USER >/dev/null 2>&1 && xhost +SI:localuser:$BOINC_USER || :

I have tried removing my xhost hack from the lightdm.conf and rebooted.

The AMD GPU was not detected by boinc at reboot, (using 36 file) so GPU
tasks not starting.

Then logging in as normal - started boincmgr  (see the non-started tasks)

xhost does show boinc has been added as +SI:localuser:boinc

A command line "sudo boinc-client restart" works as expected and the GPU
is detected.

I need to spend a little time to verify what is happening here, there
may be something i am not understanding.

i will add some debugging lines into 36 to see when exactly it starts
and if there are any errors over the weekend.

May i ask - if either of you have an AMD card - did you find - that
boinc automatically starts running GPU tasks on bootup?


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