Bug#858187: boinc-manager: boincmgr suddenly needs -d /etc/boinc-client

Christian Beer christian.beer at aei.mpg.de
Thu Apr 6 10:25:11 UTC 2017

On 06.04.2017 12:03, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
> Hello,
>> No. Issue 1789 is unrelated to this. The real problem is the
>> gui_rpc_auth.cfg in the current working directory which has a different
>> content than the one in /etc/boinc-client that the Client is using.
> so I can close the issue right now, not upload a patch for 1789 and live happy? :)
> G.
In theory yes. I would still like to hear back from Russell if his issue
is solved or if I just couldn't reproduce it.


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