BOINC under Linux

ComputOurs - BOINC boinc at
Fri Apr 13 17:59:13 BST 2018

I have been trying to convert a machine to stretch. When I install the 
equivalent package the machine will not boot. I have two machines with 
NVIDIA GeForce 1070 graphics cards, one runs Windo$e7 with no problems, 
but the other was running jessie with the above package in a somewhat 
haphazard way, I decided therefore to buy a new machine with another of 
these GPUs and the problems started at once. If I install the BOINC cuda 
package I lose sound and the machine becomes unstable, ending with a 
reboot using "recovery mode" and purging the package i order to get the 
machine to boot.

Malcolm Beeson
Team : ComputOurs

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