[Bug 1895157] Re: Boinc cannot enable RPC access to start client or manager

M. Weinberg 1895157 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sat Oct 24 01:27:47 BST 2020

I had the same problem in Ubuntu 20.10 and was able to get boinc working
again by doing the following:

1.  Stop boinc service and kill any boinc processes
2.  Remove the gui_rpc_auth.cfg from /etc/boinc (It would probably be safer to change its name to gui_rpc_auth.cfg.old or something.)
3.  Reboot computer.
4.  Start boinc-client

After doing it, I found that the gui_rpc_auth.cfg was recreated with a
password in it.  This is a system generated password, not one that the
user knows anything about.

I didn't have to change firewall settings.

Perhaps the reason that boinc didn't work in 20.10 was because a
corrupted gui_rpc_auth.cfg file was included in the distribution.    I
noticed that the gui_rpc_auth.cfg file before I removed it in Step 2
above had a byte size of one byte.  After is was recreated it was still
a small file, but larger than one byte.

I probably had to temporarily change permissions in /etc/boinc, so this
isn't a solution for a multi-user system, but hopefully it will give the
package maintainers a clue on how to resolve this.  Without a fix, boinc
simply doesn't work in 20.10.

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  Boinc cannot enable RPC access to start client or manager

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