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Mahyuddin Susanto saya at udienz.web.id
Fri Jan 6 05:56:28 UTC 2012

hello Justin and Christian PERRIER
On 06/01/12 08:28, Justin B Rye wrote:

> Then in the control file:
>>  Package: cacti
>>  Architecture: all
>>  Depends: apache2 | apache | apache-ssl | apache-perl | httpd, [...]
>                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> (Apache-what?)

Yeah, this is absolute, i will move apache/web server depends to Suggest
because at this version we planned to support lighttpd/nginx

>     Cacti is a complete PHP-driven front-end for RRDTool. It stores all of
>     the necessary data source information to create graphs, handles the data
>     gathering, and populates the MySQL database with round-robin archives.
>     It also includes SNMP support for those used to creating traffic graphs
>     with MRTG.

Thats fine.


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