[Pkg-cacti-maint] Bug#656613: Bug#656613: Bug#656613: Patch is available in the GIT repo

Paul Gevers paul at climbing.nl
Sat Jan 21 10:32:00 UTC 2012

> You get rid of $maxoids in that part of the code to fix the issue and
> use a hardcoded 50. It would be cleaner to add a $max_oids argument to
> the snmp_walk function with a default value (of 50) IMHO.

I agree with you that that would be much nicer, but that function is
used is several places and as I understand it patches to (old-) stable
should be minimal invasive. I merely reverted a part of the patch
introduced by the previous security update to use the original code,
which I believe is more appropriate for old-stable.

If you want the $max_oids argument I can do that (hopefully tomorrow),
so please let me know.


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